Feeders with
vibrating motors

Electromechanical vibrating feeders driven by two vibrating motors are used to extract the product from a chute or silos in a controlled way. Main features of electromechanical vibrating feeders.

Características principales de los alimentadores vibrantes electromecánicos:

- Robust design

- Reduced maintenance

- Italvibras vibrators (worldwide leading brand)

- Reduced consumption

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Various configurations:

- ST-44.2, ST-52.3 steel tray, stainless steel, anti-wear steel

- Coatings: Anti-wear, non-stick coating, stainless, polyethylene, polyurethane, anti-abrasive rubber

- Supported or suspended through rubber antivibrators, helicoidal docks

- Optional chute peeks or without rod latches (to simplify the assembly)